Red Hot Holiday Dress With Cut-Outs

Hello, festive fashionistas and welcome!
Today’s post is very near and dear to my heart because it is the debut of my first evening gown, which I designed and crafted from scratch! This intense red hue + cut-outs in all the right places will have you looking like one hot tamale.
Check it out!
I purchased the polyester, cotton blend fabric, aptly named Tango Red, from Jo-Ann Fabric, and it was the perfect amount of stretch and structure. The original concept was to create a completely backless dress, but sometimes a girl has to scratch the original plans and go the alternate route to get a little more support. Hence the double-strap, racer-back style. The end result?
Ultra glam, so suave, and fabulously festive.
red dress with back cut-outs 
I was set on creating a vintage vibe for this photo shoot, so I added a DIY black faux fur coat (tutorial here). Despite the fast fashion trend of fur coats being oh-so-totally in this season, I’m not entirely on the wagon. I believe fur fashion hit it’s peak when worn by the Hollywood hotshots of the 1950’s. Hopefully I can repurpose this into a vest or something a little more versatile!
 This look from the side = sensory overload.
 But baby, it’s cold outside.
 My best attempt at a “come-hither” stare.
The temperatures may be dropping, but it’s getting a little hot up in here. Try and tell me you don’t think this is a sexy silhouette.
Thanks for reading! Now be a doll and let me know your thoughts in the comments below, so I can continue to improve my design work! Peace out, lovelies. XXOO


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