The Camel Pencil Skirt

Is anyone else obsessed with the camel colored everything fall apparel trend? Camel-colored vests, camel-colored coats, camel-colored pencil skirts… it’s so 70’s meets 2015 high fashion, amiright? In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, the 70’s fashion scene is totally having a comeback moment this fall so dust off your bell-bottoms and and bust out your fringe skirts!

A high waisted camel pencil skirt paired with a flowy blouse in a bold striped pattern immediately says, “Hey! I’m a #bossbabe and I have something important to say. Somebody get me some kumquats. Pronto. Okay back to business everybody.”

Add a fierce red lip and you’re ready to slaaaaay.

Striped blouse from H&M (similar here). Skirt designed and sewn by yours truly, but you can find similar versions here and here! Heels from Forever21 (similar heels here)

How do you even read these things?

 And today’s post was inspired by 2 Chains. Lyrically so profound. He just gets me. “A$$ so big, I told her to look back at it. Look back at it, look back at it” Looking back at it…

 “I’m different, yeah, I’m different. Pull up to the scene with my ceilings missing!” Ugh, enough already. Go take on the world in your camel-colored splendor, fashionistas! xxoo

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