The 5 Best &  Worst Looks from the Golden Globes

Five Fashion Favs

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Jaimie Alexander wanted to remind you she has a hot body (and an incredible stylist). Styled to perfection, this emerald gown with a plunging neckline, paired with emerald earrings and a gorgeous green ring was our fifth favorite look of the Golden Globes.
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Taraji takes the cake, or should we say the Cookie, eh? Her glamorous white gown, complete with a flowing train is giving us some serious feels, putting her in fourth place on our best-dressed list. 

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Did someone say damsel in Dior? J.Law wowed in a red, cut-out dress, complete with a dazzling diamond collar necklace. The whole look is very modern glam. Styled with fresh-faced makeup and her blond locks swept back, Jennifer was radiant.

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Well hello, Dolly! I mean Cate. While I’m not normally a fan of the color pink, Cate is killing it. If this dress were in another color, she would have claimed the coveted best-dressed spot. 

But I digress, the cotton-candy splendor of this dress resides in the intricately detailed bodice and the endless tassels. Cate is a pink-tasseled goddess. Color me impressed.

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Kirsten Dunst was the surprise show-stopper, with this soft, yet edgy Valentino. She admits she felt cool as a cucumber throughout the awards show. Although she also said, “you just feel like pretty meat being shoved down this carpet,” according to E!News. Hmmm, sounds like she is SO over award shows

 The misery of putting your golden globes on display must be too much to bear. Eyes up here, guys. Ugh, the life of a starlet. *sighs dramatically*

 You’re still number one in our fashion favorites, Kirsten! 

And Five Fashion Fails

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But can she juggle? Note to Jane Fonda; stop taking style notes from Bozo the clown. Seriously, this ruffled collar is fit for a jester in King Arthur’s court, not the red carpet. Better luck next time, Jane. I’ll take a balloon animal before you go, though.

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How much do you think Michael Kors paid Kate to put herself through such fashion torment?! That choker, the bandeau, the sequined skirt! It’s a head-to-toe sparkly peach disaster. 

Not even her ripped abs can save Kate from this fashion blunder, which was put together in terrible taste. It’s almost as if Michael Kors wanted revenge on Kate, and convinced her this look would be FAB(letic), when in reality it’s a bit PAthetic. Sorry Michael. 

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Oh Brie Larson. You were so close. Too close. Like seriously, someone should have taken a step back and said “Honey, it looks like your tits sag down to your belly button.”

 It’s very possible this look said “Golden Girl!” up close, but if you take in the full view, it says “your girls are anything but golden, and they look like they are headed south for the winter.”Sorry Brie, but the droopy boobs are, well… sad. 

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Maybe someone should remind Maggie Gyllenhall (or her stylist) that just because a gown has a designer label, doesn’t make it an appropriate pick for the red carpet. This Marc Jacobs dress looks as though it was made from Grandma’s drapes from the 20’s, that were collecting dust in the attic.

 Or maybe Maggie wanted to spice things up and said to her stylist, “I want to look vintage prom queen chic” Obviously that’s where the hideous floral shoulder garnish comes in. Clearly, a fashion miss. Ugh, Maggie, whyyyyy?

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In case you were wondering what it would look like if human skin molted, Rooney Mara demonstrates here, with this Alexander McQueen fashion flop. Sorry Rooney, you win worst dressed at the Golden Globes.

What did you think of the Golden Globe Awards fashion? Do you agree/disagree with these picks? Share your favorites and least favorites in the comment section. Let’s discuss!

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