Weekly Wrap-Up: Affordable Designer Duds, MIA & More

The first week of spring is coming to a close. It was a bit of a mixed pot here in Chicago. One warm day, followed by winter’s freeze, giving way to slushy rain and streets filled with umbrella-bearing Chicagoans who could poke your eye out at any moment.

The week in fashion was interesting for sure. Let’s look at how it rounds up:

Love me some subscription services. Check out how Rent the Runway is jumping on board and bringing affordable designer fashion right to your doorstep.

Embed from Getty Images


Addicted to athleisure? Me too. “Carbon38’s core customer has an annual salary range between $100,000 and $300,000.” So you’re saying I shouldn’t be spending $100 on my workout leggings if I’m not making 100k+? (sadly I’m not)

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So you’re into the dad-bod? Aerie is too! Model role call! All men who have a body, please apply within. Seems like advertisers are finally catching on as the internet and social media has allowed consumers to rally for real over the unattainable.


image source: Aerie

Let’s get in FORMATION. Beyonce’s merch model slays. In a move that takes real body advertising to the next level, Beyonce’s Formation clothing line features model, Jillian Mercado, who also happens to have muscular dystrophy. You go, girl!

MIA is saying please recycle your paper airplanes and clothes. She’s teaming up with H&M for World Recycle Week, April 18-24, and has everyone saying “huh?” H&M has attempted to tout its envirionmentally responsible values while pumping out “disposable” fast fashion at alarming rates. A sustainable fashion no-no. Can you say, conflict of interest?

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Let the debates begin! Proyog, a synthetic-free yoga apparel company is calling out eco-friendly yoga wear that uses recycled plastics in the creation of their textiles, suggesting the sustainable material traps in toxins and is detrimental to human’s health. Hm, good for sustainability, bad for our bodies. What’s your take? Share below!

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