Dress It Up or Down – Alexander McQueen

Have you ever worked at one of those hip agencies, where casual attire is raved about as an office “perk?” Everyone is rocking their blue jeans and printed T’s, but you just want to wear your fancy dress clothes without feeling like the overdressed snob in the office!

Here’s an easy way to dress down your fancy schmancy clothes to create a sporty/comfy casual vibe.


Add a cardigan + some sneaks! Adding layers immediately makes this A. McQ dress look sporty chic.


Minimal accessories and muted make-up allow you to feel confident without looking overly flashy. This study by CoverGirl shows that boss babes who rocked the nude colored lipsticks tend to be confident and career-focused.

Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk.borntobemild


Take this dress from work to play with a bright lippy and some sassy heels! Ditch the librarian sweater and those practical sneaks, and this look instantly becomes CEO-worthy. inocente

Boss babe for lyfe.mayimuscle Now you’re ready to meet the gals for some cocktails or attend a pal’s wedding. Not to mention, this is the perfect plus one dress if you want to impress your special someone and his (or her) friends and family.handsintheair

Corgalicious, definition make them boys go loco. Amiright?

What are your thoughts/tips/tricks on dressing up or down depending on the occasion? If you like this article, be sure to check out Cocktail Casual for another example of versatile styling! Thanks lovelies!

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