What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Wedding season is upon us and you might be wondering, what in the world should I wear?! Is this too promiscuous? Too flashy? Too tight? Too loose? Too casual? Too formal? Yikes!

First, get a feel for what your friends are going to wear. Then wear something hotter. JK! I kid. I kid.brightpinklipstain

You can’t go wrong with flirty florals. I like to mix soft and hard elements, and this peek-a-boo mesh paneled skirt with a floral print is the perfect combination of flirt and sass.


I combined the pencil skirt silhouette with this DIY Alexander Wang style crop top. The thick elastic straps provided great support and give the ladies fantastic cleavage while maintaining somewhat modest coverage.


Add a hair flip!


Strike a sultry pose, and voila!


This bright lippy is an everlasting lipstain, (one of my favs) from Kat Von D Beauty called Backstage Bambi, and you can get it from Kat Von D Beauty or Sephora!

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