Easy DIY Shirt Dress – Just 5 Steps

Welcome style fuzzers, to DIY Sunday. Today, we are going to take a leaf out of your boyfriend’s book. Or rather a shirt out of his closet, should I say?

Anyway, find yourself a great, big, oversized button-up men’s shirt. Try Goodwill or a thrift shop to find totally cute patterns and prints for a great deal. *Note that this tutorial will require either a sewing machine or hand sewing.


When trying to find the right shirt, don’t be intimidated by the giant shapeless shells of fabric. The only important part of the fit is that the shirt should fall somewhere between your mid-thigh and your knee as long as you feel comfortable bending over without fearing you might accidentally flash everyone your jujubes. Alright, let’s get started!

Step 1) Cut off the sleeves at the seamsHow to make a shirt dress

Step 2) Turn the shirt inside out, and lay it upside down on a flat surface. Pin the sides to create a more flattering fit. Rather than pinning a straight line, I added a bit of a curve to leave more space around the chest and hips, and nipped it in just a bit at the waist. This method works great if you have an hourglass shape, like me.

If you are very slender, you may be able to get away with just pinning straight down. After pinning, try on the dress and adjust pins accordingly until you’ve achieved the perfect fit.

You can also cut away excess material at the top of the shoulders. Since this is a men’s shirt and is originally designed for a body type with much broader shoulders, you may want to mark how much material you can spare to cut away during the fitting and pinning process.


Step 3) Sew along the pinned sides and cut away the excess material. If you like a clean finished seam, you can use a pinking shears, a serger or the zig zag stitch to the edges of your side seams.

Step 4) Next, hem the armholes. If you have a serger, this is pretty easy. If you don’t have a serger, never fear. With the shirt inside out, simply roll the edges of the armhole in twice, as illustrated below, pin in place, and sew. But be careful not to sew the armhole shut!DSC_0302DSC_0303DSC_0306DSC_0301

Step 5) Magnifique! You now have yourself an easy, breezy, beautiful, button-down dress.shirtdressfront

This style is so summer-fresh! Totally minimalistic and summery, and yet it’s got that little bit of a sexy vibe because so much leg!

shirtdress back

I love how this dress can go from casual beachwear to formal brunching! Just add some heels and jewelry and hakuna mimosa.

button-up shirtdress



Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this DIY in the comments section below!

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