DIY Pom Gladiator Sandals in 4 Easy Steps


These fun, flashy gladiator sandals give me life! Seriously, if my shoe were a spirit animal, this would be it. AND they are super easy to DIY. Scroll to the bottom for your DIY tutorial, or if DIY isn’t your thing, you can purchase these beautiful and ethically sourced sandals, handmade by artisans in Greece, which were the inspiration for this post!


This tutorial is a great way to repurpose your boring, lace-up gladiator sandals if you already own some, and the accessories can be removed if you need to dress your sandals back down. Yay for non-commital clothing relationships!


While shopping for my accessories, I came across a set of red and blue tassles and the idea to have one red sandal and one blue sandal just seemed like a good fit. You can opt for rainbow colored sandals like these from Muzungu Sisters, or get as creative as you like to customize your sandals to your style. Here’s what you’ll need:

Lace-up sandals similar to the ones pictured above 

Pom pom balls of assorted colors and sizes (these are the kits I purchased from Target)

Super glue

2 Tassels (these can be found at most craft stores like Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabric or Hobby Lobby in the jewelry making aisles)

Round Jewelry bails (pictured below)


Important note: In order for this DIY to work, the laces of the sandals must be able to be unlaced all the way to the bottom. Can they be unthreaded through each of the sandal loops?

Secondly, your jewelry bails must have a large enough connector so the sandal laces can fit through the connector opening.

Step 1: Start by super gluing the pom poms to the jewelry bails. In some cases, I added multiple tiny poms to one bail to create a quad-colored pom accessory.

Step 2: Unlace the sandal all the way to the bottom, leaving the bottom-most lace looped.

Step 3: Start threading your poms onto the laces while lacing up the sandal. I found this process easiest to do while wearing the sandals. Be sure to thread the bails so the connector is facing the top of your shoe (toward your shin) and the pom is “hanging” down (toward your toes). This way, the poms will lie flat on your foot and not flop pom-side down while you’re wearing them. I added poms sporadically to alternating sides of the sandal while weaving the laces all the way to the top, adding about 10 pom covered jewelry bails to each sandal.

Step 4: Depending on your tassel attachment, you should be able to slide the jewelry connector attachment onto the sandal lace and tighten it using a small pliers. IF the attachment connector is thread, you can eather knot the lace at the thread connector in the location that you want the tassel to remain permanently, or leave it loose to slide around on the lace, but this could risk losing the tassel if it slides off the end of the lace.


Voila! You can now prance about in style with your pimped-out pom pom sandals. Be free you majestic unicorns!


Let me know what you think of these sandals in the comment section below! Did the tutorial help, or would you like to see a how-to video? Thanks for reading! 🙂

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