The LRD – Little Red Dress

Move over little black dress! This little red dress from H&M will have you seeing red in the best way.  Let me walk you through the photoshoot scenario that shows off this sassy little dress from all the right angles. *Serenely stares at plant*littlereddress

*”Who, me?” artsy stance, half-face shadow juxtaposed against bright blue tiled window*reformationreddress

It looks like I’m lost in thought, but I’m really just wondering if Mas Tacos up the street is Authentic Mexican or Americanized Mexican. Let’s go find out after this shoot.refreddress

These sunglasses are a nice touch, right?summerdress

You know what this photoshoot needs? An action shot! Twirlin’, like a mo-fo.little red dressStares into the sun, sweat is literally running down my face (and my back) on this 89 degree day in sunny Chicago. Nacht shot from down low, angled up. Power pose #girlbossreddressoutfit

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite summer trend? Leave a comment below 🙂

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