Wedding Guest Dress Guide for the Conscious Consumer


I find myself more often than not, disappointed in the lack of youthful and fun style from sustainable fashion brands and in a price range I can fathom to afford.

After hours of scrutinizing the internet and somewhere between 50 to 100 eco-friendly fashion brands, I’ve collected some of my top picks to help you with your conscious consumerism. (Click on the images for direct links to the products pictured below).

Looking for fun florals? Try ASOS – The Green Room 

Great for affordability and young, fresh style.

Looking for a strong silhouette with feminine lace details? This sassy little number from Les Lunes is for you!


Monsoon & Co. has a little something for everybody. From the classic LBD, to a flirty form-fitting cocktail dress, to a powder pink trapeze dress with lace detailing.


How about a versatile, coral midi dress that can be wrapped around you in a number of different styles?! Yes, please. Head on over to Synergy Organic Clothing.



Amour Vert wants to show you how a summer knit dress can add some serious attitude to your look.


The H&M Conscious line is by no means my favorite, but I figured I would mention them because they fall on the more affordable side of the sustainable spectrum. Here’s a flirty, floral romper if you decide to opt for a non-dress outfit.


On the other hand, The Reformation is by far my favorite sustainable fashion brand. I could easily include every dress they have available within this list, but that would be a bit biased and time-consuming. Perhaps another post. Instead, check out these three stunners.


This next featured dress is an edgy, yet elegant LBD from a no-waste brand. It’s a bit pricey, but the level of detail and carefully constructed design is impossible to ignore. Take a peek at Dan Silverstein‘s amazing work!


Last but not least, tangerine dreams for that beach wedding! Threads for Thought has you covered.ibiza-coral-1-zoom.jpg

If you are attempting to make a sustainable decision, but not trying to break the bank, check out the dresses at your local thrift shop! They usually have a hidden treasure trove of vintage and like-new clothing that is on trend.

Please feel free to share your favorite thrifty finds, fav sustainable fashion brand, or your best wedding guest outfit in the comments section below!

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